Power distribution, v1

Here’s a breakdown of the embedded power supply in the Super Table:

Diagram of power distribution in the Super Table.

Power for the Super Table is embedded, so after putting up the table structure you just plug in the umbilical and start using the sockets dangling out of the ends of each panel. 1 is the umbilical cable that plugs into a mains outlet. It’s a 40ft heavy duty outdoor cable, in a pleasingly industrial orange color. The cable is loosely tied up the side of the structure with twine.

2 is a three-way splitter, plugged into the end of the umbilical and tied to the structure. Two tails from the surface panel hang out here, to be plugged into the splitter.

Domestic extension cables run in the channels inside the polycarbonate surface. Fitting it inside the table channel required cutting off the plug end, we fitted a replacement plug after inserting it. The cable can’t come out without removing the plug. The first panel has two parallel cables running down it (3), one five foot cable and one ten-footer that goes all the way through the second panel too. The third panel has a single internal cable (6), with a dangling socket at the end (7).

You can plug in to the dangling extension in between the first and second panels (4), or between the second and third (5). The extension inside the third panel connects here. It’s pretty simple. Here’s an simple diagram of the connections, with the three connections numbered in the same way as the pic above —

 |    Panel 1     |  |    Panel 2     |  |    Panel 3     |


=    plug end
[    socket end
--   power cable
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