Ideas from fellow Makers

We got a lot of helpful feedback and great suggestions from talking to people at the Maker Faire.  Below are some of the ideas.  Some are immediately helpful for improving the functionality of the Super Table as we move into our next prototype.  A few of these ideas are more to keep in our back pockets for future bells and whistles we would love to add.  Keep those ideas coming, makers!

  • Solar panels: If we had solar power integration, we could truly be off-the-grid and wouldn’t have to depend on plugging into an existing power source.
  • Mesh wifi: Similarly, we could connect to a wireless mesh network for wifi (as well as become a node within the network).
  • Mechanical clips for joints: The joints between the polycarbonate panels could be mechanical clips (rather than strings), which would make it easier to join/detach panels from each other when setting the table up.  There could also be a way to integrate the leg supports with these joints.
  • Expansion sideways: Sometimes you need a wide table, rather than a long thing one.
  • Landscape/Public space: As an already weatherproof design, the Super Table could integrate into public space landscaping or outdoor play spaces.  For example, an outdoor library/reading room for kids (e-books/audio books) – love this idea!
  • Arduino/LED integration: With a bigger LED grid equally distributed within the polycarbonate, we could use Arduino to display patterns for passerby or send messages down the table.
  • Data plug-in: Rather than relying on wifi, we could hardwire the table with data cables and ports.
  • Triangular PVC structure: Triangulating would help the stability of the structure.  Unfortunately, its hard to find acute angle PVC joints (because PVC pipes are made for things to flow within them, after all).  We could switch to another structural material to get acute angles, or create our own joints for use with PVC pipe.
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