Getting to Maker Faire

For our first day at the Maker Faire, we packed up the Super Table to fit onto a trolley for the journey from Brooklyn to Queens.  Everything fit quite nicely onto the small trolley, and the trip was very easy to do on the subway.  However, we do hope in the future to have a nicer way of packing up the Super Table kit so it is even simpler to move from place to place.

Some initial ideas for the packaging of the Super Table kit included a sturdy, weatherproof box with wheels that could disguise itself as street furniture when not in use.  This early design concept was premised on the idea that different groups of people could borrow the Super Table kit when needed, and no one person would be the sole owner of the table.  We need to develop this concept further in the next iteration, and figure out the benefits and downsides of having a heavier container.

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