El Carrito, mobile participation cart on wheels

Very cool project by Claudia Paraschiv. What if the Super Table had wheels?

A mobile participation cart on wheels, El Carrito is a portable station for community involvement. El Carrito (The Cart) establishes a space for public participation in public space. It is constructed of found objects, such as a discarded tripod stand and translucent plastic panels allowing for nighttime illumination.  On the go, it is discrete, but once in position in the public place du jour, El Carrito opens its wings to reveal a writing surface for adults and a writing surface for children, at mid-height.
Their area of focus is Fort Pienc, a neighborhood close to the center of Barcelona. The purpose of participation is to give people a chance to be part of the changes in their living environment. The people who stop to participate at El Carrito all seem genuinely interested to communicate their experiences and knowledge of the neighborhood. Often, spontaneous conversations result.

Read more about El Carrito in Claudia’s blog on CoLab Radio.

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