Collecting examples of collaborative drawing exercises

A few links about collaborative surfaces…

Collaborative Drawing, at the Guesthouse Project in Cork —

How the workshop works  —

Participants gather at a communal table on their own work and then send it to the centre where it is free to be participated into by anyone and any drawing method.
ie: collage, pen, paint etc.
Participants should come equipped with all their favorite drawing/art materials as well as reference material that they can use to draw from if they want.

Collaborative Drawing Games and the Future of California, at the Institute for the Future blog:

This past week I’ve been working – alongside the other interns – on an interactive tool to help people engage with issues facing the future of California. Excited by the notion of people sketching out their own ideas about what the future might look like, I wondered: how might drawing be used to generate ideas about where and how we live?

SHIFT – A Collaborative Drawing Workshop, by Mark Parsons, Pratt Institute of Architecture. Part of a day of Moleskine-sponsored events at Eyebeam.


Collaboration in product design, and the importance of a record of the development of a design, in The Building Blocks of Collaborative Design, from the design thinking and collaboration research group at the Center for Digital Media in Vancouver.

way to see ideas emerge that nobody had anticipated It
helps build team culture by establishing visible and often
humorous points of reference, and also helps the team
remember where they’ve been and where they’re going.


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