Bright lights

Lighting for the Super Table is intended to provide ambient light, task light and excitement glow. In the initial iteration, the table definitely had ambient and excitement lighting, provided by a dazzling array of white LEDs.

Super Table at Maker Faire

On a trip to the amazing Canal Lighting and Parts we picked up some ultra-bright ribbon LEDs. Since the light sources on the ribbon are actually a bit too close together, we cut it into individual light sources and mounted them a couple of inches apart on a mesh ribbon. This strip slid into one of the channels in the table (shown left, during testing). Finishing the soldering will be fiddly, but the effect should be pretty cool. The transformer straps onto one of the table legs, and the single unit should be enough to power fifty lights. With this, we get a decent uplight and a nice ambient effect.

Super Table at Maker Faire

The surface-embedded lighting doesn’t work so well for task lighting, which might be better with clip lights on the structure. Maybe coming out of the top of the uprights? Or clipping onto the PVC pipes? In the original SuperTable sketch, lighting came from strings of light suspended from the structure.

If the surface of the table is used as a writing/recording surface, the pinpoints from the LEDs may need to be more diffuse. Some kind of baffle or diffuser could do this, slid into the channel above the LEDs, as show below —

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